Receiving Your Award

Financial Aid Award

Once your financial aid offer has been prepared, you will receive an email notification with your Financial Aid Offer. Please take a moment to figure out your budgetary needs.

First-time borrowers

First-time borrowers will also need to complete the following:

  • Master promissory notes -The first time you are awarded loans as part of your financial aid package, you will need to sign a master promissory note (MPN) in order for your loans to disburse. All MPNs should be signed online before the beginning of the fall semester.
    • Health Professions Student Loan: Please go to the ECSI website
    • William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans: Please go to and sign in to Manage My Direct Loan to access your MPN.
  • Entrance Counseling Interview - Must be completed before the start of the fall semester to ensure loan disbursement for all first-time borrowers. All students must complete a one-time loan entrance counseling session online before any federal loan money can be disbursed. This should be done online at in conjunction with the signing of the loan promissory notes.

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