Hear from our students and graduates

Trevor Chan '20 - Why Cornell

Karianna Crowder '21

Eileen Troconis Gonzalez Combined Degree DVM/PhD Program

Hear From Our Graduates 

Zack Dvornicky Raymond '19 - Why Cornell

Zack Dvornicky Raymond '19 - Passion for Wildlife

Ari Boltax '18 explains why she chose to pursue her education at Cornell.

MJ Sun '19 explains what motivated her to pursue veterinary medicine and how the community at the College of Veterinary Medicine is helping her follow her dream.

Oneeka McBean Barker '18 discusses how she first became interested in becoming a veterinarian, why Cornell was the school of her dreams, and how the supportive community at Cornell helps to bring together students from diverse backgrounds.

Oneeka McBean Barker '18 discusses how extracurricular activities offered by the College help the overall student experience and why her classmates and Cornell faculty members are so important.

Isabelle Louge '18 talks about Cornell's Dairy Program.

Ari Boltax '18 discusses how she is combining her DVM education with her passion for research and her plans to go into academia.

MJ Sun '19 explains what motivated her to pursue veterinary medicine, why she chose Cornell, and what she has enjoyed about her education so far.

Rayne Ellington-Lawrence '18 discusses what he enjoys most about being a Cornell student.

Ari Boltax '18 offers some thoughts and advice to others who may be interested in Cornell.