University Lecture – Rigor Mortis. Returning delight and rigor to science – Richard Harris

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 4:30pm

The pressure to publish quickly in order to continue getting grants is resulted in a reduction in rigor. Ironically, setting the competitive bar higher is resulted in moving it lower. This lecture begins with examples of the problem, and the consequences of the misinformation on society, and continues to explore the policies and practices that make the problem inevitable. 

Mr. Harris derives the lecture from his recent book, Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope and Wastes Billions, and 30 years of science reporting.

Cornellians in positions of policy influence can improve the situation, those conducting research can improve our approach, and how those in training can have a deeper understanding of what they're getting into. As a result, all of us doing research can experience more of the delight that brought us to the profession in the first place.