Celebrate Black History Month With Cornell Wellness

Monday, February 1, 2021 - 12:00am
  • Monday, February 1-Friday, February 28
  • Registration available through the end of day Friday, January 29

Join Cornell Wellness throughout the month of February as we celebrate the culture and traditions of our African-American brothers and sisters. Starting Monday, February 1st, begin to watch video releases of Jeremy Stewart (Wellness' Nutrition & General Health Outreach Educator), sitting down with a number of Black staff, faculty, and retirees from Cornell's Ithaca-based campus to discuss health-related topics that are primarily prevalent in the BIPOC community. Jeremy, and the people he interviews, will share with you insights into how they, and you, can proactively live a healthy lifestyle to reduce health risks and live your best life.


Week 1: focuses on awareness of the health disparities that we see in predominately Black communities; diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, as well as cancer.

  • Listen to courageous, educational, and inspiring stories from members of the Cornell community and how they have implemented healthy lifestyle choices to overcome these obstacles.
  • Tune in to hear Dr. John Clarke (physician, Cornell Health) as he discusses COVID and its disproportionate effect seen on the black community.
  • Watch Catherine Thrasher-Carroll (mental health promotion programmer, Cornell Health) as she addresses barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health in black culture.

Week 2 through the end of February: Continue watching and learning from Jeremy and guests from the Cornell community, as well as a spotlight video appearance from Mayor Svante Myrick, as they share personal stories about how Wellness has played a role in their lives and how they each take proactive measures to protect themselves from increased health risks that effect specifically the BIPOC community.


Register to get emails with interviews of the day sent directly to you and to receive trivia questions that relate to persons who have had positive impacts on Black History with links to detailed bios of that individual. For questions, or more information on this campaign, please contact Jeremy Stewart via email.