Digital Ag Hackathon

Friday, March 5, 2021 - 7:00pm

We’ve invited the cream of the crop to this hackathon and that includes you!  Cornell Graduate and undergraduate students, any major, any year, any school- everyone is welcome!

Thoughtfully selected students from the top 5 agriculture schools in the world are also attending!  Yes, you heard correct! This is truly an international event with the potential for global impact.  Student and faculty guests are coming from Wageningen University (Netherlands), University of São Paulo (Brazil), China Agricultural University, and the University of California, Davis.

With the resources and mentors we gathered, it's your opportunity to explore what technology can do for agriculture. It’s time to take your ideas from concept to reality. Workshops, speakers, networking, prizes, and more! It may be virtual, but we're still including as many of the features you've come to expect at our hackathons! 

 200 participants + $8,000 in cash prizes = 1 life changing weekend

Join us for ~36 hours to level up your digital ag experience