Strategies for Getting Published: Journal Editor Panel

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 1:00pm

Attention grad students in engineering and the physical and life sciences!

Are you getting ready to publish your research? Wondering how to maximize your chances of getting your paper accepted? Learn from the experts on our journal editor panel as they discuss strategies and insights on seeing your byline in print and online. What are some common author mistakes? Where do you send a paper next if one is rejected? Join us to find out, and bring your questions with you. This year’s panelists are:

  • Peng Chen, Peter J. W. Debye Professor of Chemistry
  • Bill White, Professor Emeritus, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • Laura Bellows, Associate Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences
  • Mark Rishniw, Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, Clinical Sciences