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Evaluating a New Drug Combination to Treat Lymphoma


Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in dogs with few treatment options available. Traditional chemotherapeutic drugs have been used to extend quality of life, achieve clinical remissions, and slow cancer progression, however relapse rate is high. This study aims to try a new drug combination to reduce relapse rates and extend remission times in lymphoma. This drug combination is a couple of targeted therapy drugs that work synergistically together allowing us to give lower doses and thereby limit side effects. Since each of these drugs alone have been shown to be effective in human/canine lymphoma, and we have shown that the combination is well tolerated in normal dogs, this promising combination is now being first tested in canine lymphoma patients at Cornell. It provides an opportunity to receive state-of-the art anti-lymphoma therapy in the veterinary clinic, and also has the potential to advance human health at the same time. This study is also being performed at the Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, CT.

Eligibility: Dogs diagnosed with lymphoma who have not had prior treatment (ex: chemotherapy, steroids) who have measurable disease (swollen lymph nodes). Patients must not have a history of cardiac (heart) arrhythmia, major bleeding without trauma, or any other major, uncontrolled, illnesses.

Compensation: Blood work that is drawn above and beyond standard of care will be at no cost to you and the study drugs will be provided free of charge. Additionally there will be $1000 to cover the lymph node removal and to go toward treatment.

Owner Responsibilities: You will be asked to participate in another trial currently offered to remove an affected lymph node. Your dog will return to the hospital you enrolled at after beginning the trial for recheck visits weekly for 8 weeks, then every other week there afterwards for 8 additional visits (6 months total for the study).

Principal Investigator: Kristy Richards, PhD, MD, in concert with the oncology department

CONTACT/SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call the clinical trials coordinator or any member of the oncology team at 607.253.3060, or email

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