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Evaluation of StablePlate Rx in Thrombocytopenic Canine Patients

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This clinical trial will evaluate a novel commercial freeze-dried platelet product (StablePlate Rx) against the current standard-of-care in dogs with bleeding due to thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytopenia is a bleeding disorder cause by a decreased number of platelets in the blood and depending on the underlying condition it can cause spontaneous bleeding in the skin, from the mouth or gut, in the urine and around the eyes. It can be life-threatening, particularly when the bleeding occurs into the gut, lungs or central nervous system.

Treatment of thrombocytopenia depends on the underlying cause, but until the cause is identified and specific therapy initiated, dogs with low platelet counts are at risk of bleeding so transfusions of whole blood, platelet-rich plasma, or platelet concentrates may be necessary. Obtaining sufficient platelet-containing blood products to treat bleeding from thrombocytopenia can be challenging, though, because platelet products have a very short shelf life. We are therefore interested in finding platelet-derived products that can be stored for extended periods at room temperature and that will effectively treat bleeding due to thrombocytopenia.

ELIGIBILITY: Dogs between 5-100 pounds who present to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals Emergency and Critical Care section will be evaluated and selected using a standardized bleeding assessment tool and randomized to receive either the StablePlate Rx or the standard-of-care treatment. At the time of enrollment dogs must demonstrate normal clotting times, have a hematocrit of greater than 20%, and a platelet count of 50,000/µl or less for inclusion. Dogs may not have received platelet containing blood products within 72 hours of enrollment and those that have undergone surgery within the preceding 48 hours of enrollment will be excluded.

COMPENSATION:  The cost of the StablePlate Rx or the standard-of-care product for up to two treatments are covered by the study. In addition the cost of some blood work as well as bleeding time assessments for up to three times are included. The following costs are not covered by the study: any additional blood testing recommended by the doctor treating your dog on any day of hospitalization, costs of hospitalization, surgery, general anesthesia, sedation, supportive care (such as oxygen therapy, other blood transfusions, etc..), drugs, imaging (including radiographs, ultrasound, CT, MRI), microbiological tests, histological or clinicopathologic testing.

Principal Investigator: Robert Goggs, BVSc, DACVECC, MRCVS, PhD, DECVECC

CONTACTFor more information contact Dr. Goggs at 607.253.3060 or email the clinical trials coordinator at

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