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Investigating a new product for chronic elbow pain in dogs

older german shepherd dog

This is an exploratory study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of intra-articular (in the joint) and peri-neural (around the sensory nerve) injections of an investigational veterinary product for the control of elbow pain in dogs.

This study involves a one-time injectable treatment with investigational product under general anesthesia or sedation. There is a control group. If your dog was in the control group they will be eligible to receive study product after the study is concluded.


  • Dogs must weigh at least 33 pounds, be in general good health or have stable chronic conditions.
  • There must be a history of persistent lameness for at least 2 months prior to enrollment
  • The pain must be documented as originating in the elbow and in no other joints on the affected limb
  • Your dog must be more than a year old, and not pregnant or lactating or have plans to be bred throughout the study.
  • Your dog must not have had a medical or surgical procedure within 120 days prior to enrollment that might affect study assessments.
  • The elbow pain must not be related to active or actively treated immune mediated joint diseases

Compensation: There are no costs to you to participate in the study. This includes management of side effects that are thought to be directly related to participation in the study.

Owner Responsibilities: This is a 28-day study which also includes long term follow up at 3 and 6 months. Your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Bring your dog to our Ithaca location for six study visits.
  • Report and record abnormal daily observations and complete questionnaires relating to your dog's pain level throughout the study
  • You must discontinue any pain medications at least 10 days prior to the initial screening
  • If both elbows are affected, the most affected joint will be selected for treatment

Sponsorship: This study is sponsored by ACI. 

Principal Investigator: Jordyn Boesch, DVM, DACVAA

Contact/Schedule an appointment: Please contact the clinical trials coordinators at 607.253.3060, or email