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New Whelping Calculator

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The theriogenology department at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals is testing a new way to predict the whelping date in dogs.

As part of your normal pregnancy check appointment we will take fetal measurements by ultrasound. These measurements will be put into our new software to predict the whelping date.

Eligibility: Any pregnant dog seen by the theriogenology service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Owner Responsibilities: We will contact you during the weeks after whelping to ask the number of puppies that were born and their birthday to check the accuracy of the prediction.

Compensation: There is no direct compensation for your participation in this trial. Studies like these represent the future of medicine and are needed to improve treatment.

Principal Investigator: Mariana Diel de Amorim DVM, DVSc, DACT

Contact/Schedule an Appointment: Please call the Cornell University Hospital for Animals at 607.253.3060 to schedule an appointment with the theriogenology department.