Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program

Saving lives through science, leadership, and service.

Daniela (Dani) Lopez Goicochea, DVM

2021 Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Intern

Dr. Daniela Lopez Goicochea, Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine intern, is originally from Peru and a graduate of Tufts University. Dr. Lopez Goicochea didn’t always know she had a passion for veterinary medicine. It wasn’t apparent until she volunteered at an animal shelter in the New England area, which exposed her to the world of non-profit organizations and specifically those involving veterinary medicine. She explained, “I’m a bit of a second career type person. I didn’t always know that I wanted to go to veterinary school. I went to school for anthropology and media studies.”

While at Tufts, she completed a combined program allowing her to obtain a Masters in Public Health along with her DVM.  Lopez Goicochea says that she is passionate about shelter medicine and how it combines with social justice and community outreach. “I’m just really excited to have an entire year, where I get to dedicate most of my time to learning about shelter medicine and outreach work.”

Dr. Lopez Goicochea looks forward to becoming more proficient in surgery and more comfortable with high volume/high quality spay and neuter, as well as gaining experience with exotic pet medicine. She hopes that if she gets the chance to go back to Peru, she will be able to help create a positive presence of shelter medicine, where one does not currently exist.