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Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Mini-Conferences


APRIL 3, 2020

for the

2020 Spring Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Mini-Conference!

"Optimal Outcomes: What the evidence tells about strategies and conversations"

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Ithaca, New York


2019 Fall Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Mini-Conference

"Sheltering by Numbers: Using Data to Save Lives"

***Please check back on our website in the coming months for details about the upcoming Spring 2020 Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Mini-Conference to be held on April 3, 2020, and other events.

Please join Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program (MSMP) on (Friday) November 15th from 12:00pm - 5:00pm for our inaugural Cornell Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Mini-Conference at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine located in Ithaca, New York!

Lead by MSMP faculty, these biannual afternoon workshops are meant to act as networking and information gathering sessions for our local and regional shelters. The topic of the day is Sheltering by Numbers: Using Data to Save Lives. A schedule for the afternoon can be found below. 

Registration for this event is only $10, which covers the cost of food/beverage, and is open from now until 12:00am EST on November 1st via PayPal. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you may register as a ‘guest’. Here is the registration link for this event:

Please share information about this event with colleagues and other shelters. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, issues, and/or suggestions. If you have a disability and require assistance, please inform me by email at at least one week prior to the event. We look forward to seeing you on November 15th!

Thank you,

Sarah Nickerson

Shelter Medicine Program Coordinator (MSMP at Cornell)

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine 

2019 Fall Cornell Maddie's Shelter Medicine Mini-Conference

Sheltering by Numbers: Using Data to Save Lives

NOV. 15, 2019

Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine

Ithaca, NY

12:00pm – 12:45pm   

Welcome & Introduction (lunch provided)

12:45pm – 1:15pm 

The Importance of One Day, Elizabeth Berliner DVM, DABVP (Canine-Feline/Shelter Medicine Practice) 

One day in the shelter may not seem like much but to an animal it can seem like an eternity. What are you doing to move animals through your shelter faster while ensuring they have everything they need?

1:25pm – 2:15pm 

Calculating Capacity for Care, Lena DeTar DVM, DACVPM, DABVP (Shelter Medicine Practice)

This lecture will guide you through simple formulas to identify where your shelter might be stretched or have the capacity to provide more. Are you over or under staffed? Is your surgical budget enough to cover the animals that need it? What is your capacity for care? (Calculators suggested but not required!)

2:30pm – 3:15pm 

What (and Why) Reports Matter?, Jan Scarlett DVM, MPH, PhD

Shelters collect animal-related data but use only a fraction of it to improve the welfare of their animals. Understanding which metrics can be most influential in monitoring and helping to improve the health of your animals will be the focus of his discussion. Since software programs offer a smorgasbord of data reports, the presentation will include tips for finding the metrics you need. 

3:25pm – 4:10pm

Org Charts & Reporting: How does your shelter function?, Erin Henry VMD, DACVPM

What does your organizational chart look like? Do you know? Does your staff? This interactive discussion will focus on organizational and reporting structures and how an organization’s structure can influence operations. 

4:20pm – 5:00pm

(Panel Discussion) Shelter Software: “Friend or Frienemy”?

We will discuss how to use software to improve sheltering and the care of your animals. This session will include audience participation and review of available software to get the metrics that you need to save lives.