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Clare Fewtrell, DPhil

Department of Molecular Medicine

Associate Professor

Department of Molecular Medicine
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
C3-125 Veterinary Medical Center
Ithaca, NY 14853

Office: 607.253.3870
Lab: 607.253.3661

Research Interest

Calcium as a second messenger Ion channels Exocytosis in mast cells The structure and function of the receptor for immunoglobulin E Cell activation and signal transduction BRIEF DESCRIPTON OF RESEARCH: The role of calcium in stimulus-response coupling. Elucidation of the mechanisms by which receptors in the immune system transduce signals. Biophysical, biochemical and pharmacological approaches have been used to study the receptor for immunoglobulin E on mast cells and the mechanisms by which activation of this receptor leads to an increase in intracellular calcium and the release of mediators of immediate hypersensitivity. Techniques included using fluorescent and luminescent probes to measure intracellular Ca2+ and membrane potential, fluorescence imaging of intracellular Ca2+ in individual cells, patch clamp electrophysiology, single cell amperometry and radioactive ion flux assays.


  • D.Phil., Pharmacology, Oxford University, 1975
  • B. Sc., with First Class Honours in Biochemistry and Physiology, Bedford College, University of London, 1970

Biography/Professional Experience

  • 1988-Present, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Cornell University
  • 1989-1990, NIH Senior Fellow, University Laboratory of Physiology, Oxford
  • 1982-1988, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Cornell University
  • 1977-1982, Visiting Fellow and Visiting Associate in Dr. Henry Metzger's Section on Chemical Immunology, National Institute of Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, N.I.H.
  • 1973-1977, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Departments of Pharmacology and Experimental Pathology, University College London
  • 1972-1973, Visiting Research Student, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Southampton
  • 1970-1972, Research Student, University Department of Pharmacology, Oxford
  • 1967-1968, Summer Research Assistant to Dr. Erik Änggård, Department of Pharmacology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm


  1. Mahmoud, S., Fewtrell, C. (2001) Microdomains of high calcium are not required for exocytosis in RBL-2H3 mucosal mast cells. J.Cell Biol. 153:339-349.
  2. Kim, T., Eddlestone, G., Mahmoud, S., Kuchtey, J., Fewtrell, C. (1997) Correlating Ca2+ responses and secretion in individual RBL 2H3 mucosal mast cells. J. Biol. Chem. 272:31225-31229.
  3. Smith, P., Ashcroft, F., Fewtrell, C. (1993) Permeation and gating properties of the L type calcium channel in mouse pancreatic β cells. J. Gen. Physiol. 101:767-797.
  4. Fewtrell, C. (1993) Ca2+ oscillations in non-excitable cells. Ann. Rev. Physiol. 55:427-454.
  5. Millard, P., Ryan, T., Webb, W., Fewtrell, C. (1989) Immunoglobulin E receptor cross-linking induces oscillations in intracellular free ionized calcium in individual tumor mast cells. J.Biol. Chem. 264:19730-19739.

Awards and Honors

  • 1989-1990, Senior Fellowship, NIH
  • 1970-1973, M.R.C. Scholarship for Training in Research Methods (Working with Dr. H.P. Rang on the labeling and isolation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors), Oxford University

Professional/Academic Affiliations

  • 1986-2012, Society of General Physiologists
  • 1987-2010, Biophysical Society
  • 1982-2010, American Society for Cell Biology
  • 1984-2002, Collegium Internationale Allergologicum
  • 1981-2000, American Association of Immunologists


  • American Chemical Society, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • Asthma UK, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • Cottrell College Science Awards Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • Israel Science Foundation, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • Medical Research Council of Canada, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NIH Cellular Biology and Physiology Study Section, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Biophysics Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Cellular Physiology Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Developmental Biology Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Integrated Animal Systems Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Neuronal and Glial Mechanisms Prgoram, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Regulatory Biology Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • NSF Signal Transduction and Regulation Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • President's Council of Cornell Women Affinito-Stewart Grant Program, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • State of Louisiana Board of Regents, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • Wellcome Trust, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • 2002, Editorial Board, Journal of Cellular Physiology, Member
  • 2008, Science Education Awards (R25) Special Emphasis Panels, NIAID, NIH, Member
  • 2000-2001, American Cancer Society, Ad hoc Reviewer
  • 2000-2001, NASA Space Life Sciences Cellular and Molecular Biology Flight and Ground Peer Review Panels, Member
  • 1997-1999, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Evaluation Panel, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Member
  • 1993-1997, Pharmacological Sciences Review Committee, NIGMS, NIH, Member
  • 1993-1995, American Heart Association Fellowship Peer Review Subgroup C, Member
  • 1987-1992, National Science Foundation Cell Biology Advisory Panel, Member

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