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A male vet and dog owner sit in the grass next to a white and orange-spotted dogWhether you're bringing a dog home for the first time or you're a seasoned dog owner, we know how much you care about keeping them happy and healthy. And our trusted team wants to give you as many opportunities as we can to enhance your time together.

The Riney Canine Health Center unites more than 50 experts from across the College of Veterinary Medicine — taking scientific breakthroughs and turning them into tangible takeaways for veterinary professionals and dog owners alike. 

Our research tackles canine health from all angles. From genetic underpinnings to targeted treatments, we're investigating better ways to detect and prevent different diseases. We also know that physical, mental and emotional wellbeing go hand-in-hand for dogs, just as in humans, and that's why we also have experts leading the way in behavioral medicine, nutrition, aging and so much more!

We want to leave you better informed so that you can make stronger decisions about ways to give your dog a longer, healthier, happier life. When you become a member of the Riney Canine Health Center, you are supporting the work that will improve dogs' lives around the world — in dog years, not decades.

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