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The Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, helping them lead longer, healthier and happier lives. We do this through research, outreach and engagement.


Cornell has a long history of game-changing contributions in canine health. From vaccine development, to genomic research addressing diseases such as blindness, to exploring the continuum of basic foundational research through to clinical application, all under one roof. For example, more than half of the vaccines routinely administered by veterinarians for dogs were developed at Cornell. Over the years, these discoveries have saved the lives of millions of our canine companions.

We continue to build on that foundation of addressing diseases in dogs, as we develop new breakthroughs that will improve canine health.


We seek to engage with dog owners and enthusiasts by making researchers more accessible, research more relatable and more actionable. We will work with you to identify ways that you can be involved from participating in clinical trials to citizen scientist initiatives.


Through our efforts, the Riney Canine Health Center will be the most-trusted and frequently consulted resource for high quality, up-to-date information regarding canine health in the world.


The Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center grew out of a shared goal among faculty, staff and donors of the College of Veterinary Medicine — including those at the Baker Institute for Animal Health, formerly known as the Cornell Research Institute for the Diseases of Dogs — to support research to advance canine health. The guidance provided by the college and Baker Institute Advisory Councils, along with a gift in 2020 from founding donors, Don and Rita Powell, helped build momentum for the development of a canine health center at Cornell.

Through the visionary support from the Riney Family Foundation in 2021, the Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center will dramatically accelerate the college’s efforts to help canine health research become more relatable, researchers more accessible, and canine health information and programming more responsive to the needs of dogs and those who care for them.

Canine health has been the focus of research at the College of Veterinary Medicine for decades, and the list of accomplishments that have improved the lives and well-being of dogs is extensive. The Cornell Richard P. Riney Canine Health Center will build on these achievements by supporting scientific discovery that enables our canine companions to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Meet our team

The Riney Canine Health Center is a network of faculty and staff within the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine working together to promote the health of dogs around the world. The center is supported by a team of over 50 researchers, joined across six academic departments, the Baker Institute for Animal Health, two large veterinary medical centers and the Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

We are also excited to leverage the center to build interdisciplinary connections with other colleges across the Cornell campus, Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Tech to create truly innovative solutions.