Educational Innovation and Career Readiness

Our college is regarded as a global leader in education, with well-established programs for veterinarians and biomedical scientists.

By following the guidelines established in our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, we have built upon this rich legacy of excellence by launching a master's in public health, which strengthens and extends the impact of our college. We continue to embrace active, adaptive learning and support faculty for exceptional teaching to prepare our students for career success.

employment upon graduation for the veterinary Class of 2020
$ 2.13M
raised for scholarship gifts
of all veterinary students were awarded scholarship funds 

Veterinary Program at a Glance

Class of 2024 Stats

NYS Non-Resident Total
In Class 49% 51% 119 students
Selectivity* 26% 15% 17%
Yield^ 80% 46% 57%
% Women 76% 84% 80%
% URM 9% 11% 13%

* Admits/Applicants; ^ Accepts/Admits; • Underrepresented minority

  Veterinary Student Career Plans at Graduation 2016-2020

a DVM student gets coated at the white coat ceremony

a pie chart noting percentage breakdown of career plans for CVM veterinary graduates: 13% for large animal, 15% mixed and other, and 72% for small animal


Career Plans at Graduation Data Table

Career Plans at Graduation image presented as data table. 2020 data based on 2020 AVMA Cornell Graduating Senior Survey

51% Private Practice
44% Internship/Residency

Animal Type Percentage
Small Animal 72%
Large Animal 13%
Other 15%

Masters Programs

*Defined as underserved, underrepresented and vulnerable populations based on geography, race, ethnicity and economic status, including rural New York state residents, veterans, single parents, persons who self-identify as having disabilities and persons who self-identify as LGBTQ

Biomedical and Biological Sciences (BBS) Ph.D. Program

Graduate Fellowship and Award Recipients

  • Leanne Donahue - NSF GRFP Honorable mention 2020
  • Simon Frueh  - Morris Animal Foundation 2020
  • Marlena Holter - NIH F30 2020
  • Megan Keller - NSF GRFP 2020
  • Amanda Loehr - NIH F30 2020
  • James Mullmann - NIH F30 2020
  • Victoria Ortega - Ford Foundation 2020 Dissertation Fellowship
  • Andrea Robinson - NSF GRFP 2020
  • Robert Swanda - American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship 2020

Teaching Awards students watch a professor teach clinical skills

Julia Felippe, Ph.D. '02, named Provost Fellow for Public Engagement

Dr. Daniel Fletcher 2020 Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. David Lin 2020 SUNY Chancellor Faculty Service Award

Gen Meredith, Ph.D. '20, 2020 SUNY Chancellor Award

Meredith Miller '03, D.V.M. '07, DCS Innovative Teaching Award

Continuing Education and Classroom Innovation 

Veterinarians learning in a continuing education dental lab
  • 3 continuing education events
  • 3 professional development events 
  • 155 content hours offered
  • 1,395 attendees
  • 9 Educational Technology Innovation Grants in progress
  • 20 faculty collaborators 
  • 3 online courses used by both D.V.M. and continuing education participants

New York State Veterinary Conference 2020 data: 

  • 3 days, up to 7 tracks per day
  • 750 attendees
  • 62 speakers
  • 113 sessions
  • 125 CE credits offered