Pandemic Response - Support emerging day-to-day needs due to COVID-19.


Your support will make a difference

Many alumni and friends have asked how they can help during this unprecedented time. One way is to donate to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Annual Fund.

At the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, we continue to adjust to our “new normal.” Faculty have moved all of their instruction online. Our hospital has shifted to telemedicine and serving only the most urgent cases on site. Our staff is sustaining the College’s functions from their home offices. Students are especially affected, as face-to-face interactions with classmates have gone virtual, clinical rotations in the hospital are postponed, and jobs to help pay their educational and living expenses are interrupted.

We have many challenges facing us in the months ahead and providing students with support to continue their education is our top priority. Many students will see their own and their families’ financial situations change for the worse, yet we remain committed to help them achieve their dreams of becoming veterinarians.

Pledging your support to the College Annual Fund is critical in this moment. Your gift provides the flexibility to respond immediately to the unforeseen needs emerging day to day. In the weeks ahead, we are particularly focused on addressing the challenges of our students who, through their coursework and clinical rotations, are preparing to serve our communities and care for the animals with which we share our lives.

Thank you for all you are doing to help.

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