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Brucellosis Testing - The Bacteriology Laboratory implemented the Brucella Buffered Acidified Plate Antigen (BAPA) Test as the default initial testing method for all cattle, cervid, bison and swine brucellosis testing. Non-negative samples will be followed up with the Fluorescent Polarization Assay (FPA) Tube Test. Any inquiries regarding differing Export requirements or other concerns should be directed to the Animal Health Diagnostic Center Regulatory Affairs unit.

Digital Copper Quantification is unavailable until October 1st. A mineral panel (MINP) may be an alternative option for copper quantification, however the ideal sample volume for this test is 2 grams. Please contact the Anatomic Pathology Service if you have questions.

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Our Veterinary Support Services assists veterinarians with any questions on sample submissions, testing, and interpreting results. For all other customer service inquiries, please contact us.

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Diagnostic Plans and Panels by Species

These plans have been developed to assist veterinarians in designing a complete, although not exhaustive, diagnostic strategy. Select a species below to view plans and panels.