Vet-To-Vet Consult

Our Veterinary Support Services assists veterinarians with any questions on sample submissions, testing, and interpreting results. For all other customer service inquiries, please contact us.

Phone: (607) 253-3900

Diagnostic Plans and Panels by Species

These plans have been developed to assist veterinarians in designing a complete, although not exhaustive, diagnostic strategy. Select a species below to view plans and panels.

Tick Evaluation


The AHDC provides a tick evaluation service. It is important to identify a tick in order to understand what disease-causing agents (pathogens) the tick is capable of carrying and transmitting. Accurate identification of parasites benefits animals, their owners and veterinarians by helping to improve animal health.

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Quality Milk Production Services


The Quality Milk Production Services (QMPS) program serves the dairy industry of New York State by promoting the production of high quality milk through the control of mastitis, and the avoidance of antibiotic residues in milk through field and laboratory diagnostic evaluations and recommendations.

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