AHDC Veterinary Support Services (VSS) veterinarians will answer diagnostic consultation and sample submission questions from veterinarians outside of regular hours. To reach VSS Veterinarians use this direct email, vetsupport@cornell.edu, with a very brief problem description in your email and a DIRECT phone number to reach you. If very urgent, note URGENT in the subject line. We will do our best to respond by phone or email as quickly as possible.

Referral testing that the AHDC normally sends out to other laboratories for our clients is being temporarily suspended due to the rapidly changing status of diagnostic laboratories across the country. These tests have been temporarily removed from our catalog and will no longer be available through the AHDC until further notice. Please contact our Veterinary Support Services team at vetsupport@cornell.edu or call 607.253.3900 if you need assistance on the availability of testing services at other laboratories.

Schedule Changes and Reduced Testing: Updated March 31

  • Bovine Virus Diarrhea (BVDV) SN, Thursdays

  • Bromide, Thursdays

  • Brucella abortus serology, Tuesdays and Fridays

  • Canine Parvovirus HAI, 2 days/week

  • Diagnostic Bovine Virus Diarrhea (BVDV) ACE, 2 days/week

  • Equine Infectious Anemia, 3 days/week

  • Leptospira, Wednesdays

  • QMPS quantification of bedding, towels, swabs, and bulk tanks may be slightly delayed

  • SN test, with the exception of EVA and VSV, 1 day/week or every other week, volume dependent

Temporarily Unavailable:

  • FISH
  • Johne's Culture or Johne's PCR testing, except for clinically ill animals
  • STAT testing for equine pre-purchase drug screens
  • Tick testing for Cornell Affiliate and Non-Veterinary submissions

Vet-To-Vet Consult

Our Veterinary Support Services assists veterinarians with any questions on sample submissions, testing, and interpreting results. For all other customer service inquiries, please contact us.

Phone: (607) 253-3900
Email: vetsupport@cornell.edu

For messages that do not require veterinary consultation or after hours submission support, please contact us at diagcenter@cornell.edu.

Diagnostic Plans and Panels by Species

These plans have been developed to assist veterinarians in designing a complete, although not exhaustive, diagnostic strategy. Select a species below to view plans and panels.

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