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FedEx Label Issue

FedEx has rectified the shipping label issue that caused shipments to be diverted to other locations. Please note that the AHDC recommends acquiring shipping labels directly through the AHDC portal. Clients can register for AHDC portal access by selecting "Register" on the AHDC website.

Testing and Schedule Changes

Vet-To-Vet Consult

Our Veterinary Support Services assists veterinarians with any questions on sample submissions, testing, and interpreting results. For all other customer service inquiries, please contact us.

Phone: (607) 253-3900

For messages that do not require veterinary consultation or after hours submission support, please contact us at

Diagnostic Plans and Panels by Species

These plans have been developed to assist veterinarians in designing a complete, although not exhaustive, diagnostic strategy. Select a species below to view plans and panels.