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Cornell Veterinary Podcast: Making the Most of Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Dr. Nicole Buote in surgery

Dr. Nicole Buote, right, performs surgery at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Photo: Carol Jennings/CVM

"We did the very first live robotic gastropexy on a client-owned dog—the first one in the country. The procedure took 26 minutes …We're at the very infancy of this in veterinary medicine, but I'm so excited to see where this goes. Because I feel like this could be a game changer.”

Dr. Nicole Buote, associate professor of small animal surgery in the Department of Clinical Sciences, is the latest guest on the Cornell Veterinary Podcast, where she talks with host Michelle Moyal, D.V.M. ‘07, about her boundary-pushing work in laparoscopy and robotics-assisted surgery. They also discuss the differences between working in private practice versus academia and how innovations in human medicine hold promise for the future of veterinary patients.

Listen to this latest episode to learn about the cutting-edge technologies Buote employs in the OR, and the innovations she hopes to see in Cornell’s future.

Listen to the episode, “Making the Most of Minimally-Invasive Surgery,” wherever you get your podcasts or below: