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Cornellians awarded inaugural ACVIM Specialty Lifetime Achievement Awards

Alexander de Lahunta, D.V.M.'58, Ph.D.'63 (left), and Stephen Ettinger '62, D.V.M.'64 (right). Photo provided.

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) announces the inaugural recipients of the Lifetime Specialty Achievement awards. These awards were established to honor the most prominent leaders in each specialty and will be presented in celebration of those who have made significant contributions in each of the five specialties. Congratulations to neurology recipient, Alexander de Lahunta, D.V.M. '58, Ph.D. '63, DACVIM (Neurology) and the cardiology recipient, Stephen Ettinger '62, D.V.M. '64, DACVIM (SAIM and Cardiology).

De Lahunta earned his Ph.D. in anatomy and D.V.M. from Cornell University. He worked in general practice for two years before joining the Cornell faculty in 1960. De Lahunta established a program in clinical neurology and was in the original group of neurologists who established the neurology specialty of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

“Dr. Alexander de Lahunta is one of the founding members of the ACVIM and the Specialty of Neurology. He has led an exemplary 42-year career as a Professor of Anatomy, Department Chair as well as the Hospital Director at Cornell University. Known to so many as Dr. d, he is best known as a teacher, mentor and guardian of neuroanatomy. He is regarded by all of us in the neurology specialty of the ACVIM and the European College of Veterinary Neurology as the premier expert in neuroanatomy, clinical neurology and neuropathology,” says Dr. Joan Coates, ACVIM neurology specialty president

Ettinger was one of ACVIM’s charter diplomates, charter board members and its first cardiology specialty president. He has left his mark on the specialty of cardiology at every possible level. In 1970, Ettinger co-authored the first veterinary small animal specialty textbook, Canine Cardiology, which set a course for veterinary cardiology. He went on to co-found the Berkeley Veterinary Medical Group in California (1971), the first group veterinary specialty practice in the United States. He has devoted his lifetime to pouring his expertise and wisdom generously into countless students, veterinarians, and cardiologists. Ettinger tirelessly raises public and academic awareness of cardiology through interviews, publications, textbooks and lectures.

“Dr. Ettinger has tirelessly served the profession and the public at an exemplary level for over 50 years. He is a clinician-scientist, innovator, entrepreneur, teacher, internationally-known speaker, author, key opinion leader, mentor, philanthropist, humanitarian, motivator and consensus-builder. He inspired me and many others through his knowledge, polish and confidence to do more with our professional lives. I believe he brought a new sense of pride and possibility to the profession and will stand as a unique individual in veterinary medicine for many years to come,” says  Dr. Clarke Atkins, Jane Lewis Seaks Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, at the College of Veterinary Medicine North Carolina State University

The ACVIM is proud to present Drs. Alexander de Lahunta and Stephen Ettinger with the 2021 ACVIM Lifetime Specialty Achievement Awards. Please join us in extending our gratitude and congratulatory thoughts by leaving a comment on their respective KudoBoards: Stephen Ettinger and Alexander de Lahunta. A user guide detailing how to post a comment is available here if needed.

Press release from American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM)