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Pet CPR Infographic - Just Released!

Do you know what to do if your pet suddenly collapses?

As a service to pet owners, we've developed a Pet CPR infographic that will:

  • Help you easily find the correct compression location on your cat or dog based on its size and shape
  • Safely and accurately deliver rescue breaths 
  • Teach you the basics of pet CPR so you can help your dog or cat until they can get to a veterinarian

For a more detailed understanding of pet CPR, watch our Pet CPR - Baker Pet Talks, featuring Dr. Daniel Fletcher, Associate Professor of Emergency and Critical Care and co-chair of the RECOVER Initiative, which published the first evidence-based veterinary CPR guidelines in 2012.


Click on the image to download our Pet CPR infographic. Feel free to share on your website, via email, and social media.

Print version for Clinic Memorial Program participants

We've also provided poster size printed versions of the infographic to veterinary clinics that participate in our Clinic Memorial Giving program. Learn how your clinic can join the program and receive this and other infographic posters we're currently developing.