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USA Today: Bad air quality from Canada wildfire smoke harms your pets, too

Dr. Aly Cohen

Riney Canine Health Center Extension Associate, Dr. Aly Cohen, speaks to attendees at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Photo: John Enright/CVM

When wildfire smoke turns skies hazy and threatens health with dangerous air quality, people should stay inside as much as possible, but what about their pets?

Our four-legged friends can't wear masks outdoors to protect them from the smoke, but many of them might still need to go outdoors during this time. It's important to keep monitoring their health and try to keep them inside as much as possible, said Dr. Aly Cohen with the Cornell University Riney Canine Health Center.

"Hopefully this won't be something that lasts forever, but just try and be as mindful as you can and entertain them the best you can indoors," Cohen said.

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