Well-being Spaces

All College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, staff and students may make use of the several well-being spaces located at the college. Have feedback on these spaces? Please email us at cvmwellbeing@cornell.edu.

CVM Community Well-being Room

This room is located in Schurman Hall S1-017. If you would like to see the schedule for and/or make reservations to use this space, please utilize the internal room scheduler or email Kate Davenport (klw226). If the room is not currently in use, please feel free to enjoy the room, but recognize that those with reservations will have priority.

Room Guidelines

  • Only current CVM employees and CVM students are able to utilize the space. Friends and family are not permitted to utilize the space.
  • Participants must report injuries to either 911 or by dialing 607-255-1111 to have Campus Police paged to the room.
  • Please show respect for the equipment, facility and toward others using the space. 
  • Do not move or remove the equipment or furniture, unless otherwise permitted. 
  • No horseplay, or loud/offensive language will be tolerated. 
  • Do not drop/throw weights or any other fitness equipment. 
  • Proper attire is required at all times: Wear indoor-only athletic footwear, socks or no footwear (ex: for yoga) while in the room. 
  • Water bottles are allowed. All other drinks and food are not allowed. 
  • The use of photographic equipment to take pictures of any person in the room is prohibited without consent. 
  • Please wipe off fitness equipment after each use with sanitizer(s) that is provided.
  • Please pick up trash, towels and personal belongings before leaving. Try to leave the space in better condition than when you arrived. 
  • Consult your physician prior to undertaking any physical activity in the space.

Lactation and Telehealth Spaces

These rooms are located across the college:
 S100TC (Schurman Hall), C2313 (CUHA), T8002 (VRT) and A120TE (AHDC) 

To reserve a space for lactation OR telehealth appointments, please email Cindy Whittaker (caw349@cornell.edu) at least 24 hours in advance. Priority must be granted to individuals with lactation needs, per New York state law. 

  • All lactation and telehealth rooms are scheduled within outlook calendars. 
  • Those utilizing the rooms for lactation purposes will be given access to the calendars.
  • Telehealth appointments will be scheduled by Cindy Whittaker, within the CVM Facilities Office. 

Closely monitor your own health and stay home if you are feeling ill. Given the dual nature of this space, it is imperative that this room remain as clean as possible. The rooms should remain sanitary, organized, and in the same condition upon entering. Please use the “in use/available” indicator bar when entering and exiting the spaces.

Showers and Locker Rooms

All members of the CVM community are welcome to use the showers in the following spaces:

  • S2-10TC, S2-10TD (women’s and men’s showers and locker rooms) 
  • C2-60TB, S2-60TA (women’s and men’s showers and locker rooms)

Please note that lockers in these spaces are assigned and may not be utilized, even if they appear empty. If you need space to store your belongings while you take a class or use the community multipurpose room, there is storage in cabinets along the side wall.