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Ambulatory Client Guidelines & Expectations

Cornell Ambulatory Clinic: Expectations for service

The team at the Ambulatory and Production Medicine Clinic values the relationship with our clients to deliver high-quality and timely primary care for their large animals while training the next generation of veterinarians. As a teaching institution, we must take client expectations, patient needs, as well as our teaching mission within a university setting into account when providing service. Therefore, we expect clients to be aware and agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Safety: Clients must be able to handle/restrain their animals so that they can be safely examined and treated by veterinarians in training. The animals to be examined must be readily available in a small area when the ambulatory team arrives.

2. Respect: Clients must always treat clinicians and students with respect. You should expect students to be involved in the examination and treatment of their animals, whenever this can be safely done.

3. Social media policy and privacy right: Clients must not take any photos of the clinicians or the students without permission, nor may they post any such photos on social media at any time. Likewise, emails received from clinicians are intended for the recipient only, and must be treated as confidential and not posted on social media or be shared without permission.

4. Medications: Drug refill requests require approval from the clinician, which may take 24 to 48 hours to obtain. The order, when ready, may be picked up at the ambulatory clinic. If it must be dropped off at the farm, a regular call fee may be incurred. We DO NOT mail prescriptions.

5. Medical Records: Records must be approved for release by the clinician that entered them, this can take 24 to 48 hours to obtain. Once ready, these may be picked up at the ambulatory clinic, emailed, or mailed by USPS. 

Questions or concerns regarding these policies can be directed to:

Ambulatory and Production Medicine Clinic
Cornell University