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Canine Influenza - Can It Affect Your Cat?

H3N2 canine influenza originally caused a major outbreak in the Chicago, Illinois area in 2015. The outbreak has sickened thousands of dogs and has spread to several other states.

Officials have confirmed the virus made its first appearance in the state of Florida, early last week. Given this recent outbreak, our partner, the Baker Institute for Animal Health has created a Canine Influenza fact sheet to help pet owners better understand the virus, and how it can affect their pets. Since the initial outbreak, cats in the U.S. have occasionally been diagnosed with the H3N2 infection.

Download the printable fact sheet.

If your dog becomes ill, please call your vet. Many different viruses and bacteria cause symptoms similar to influenza. If your dog is ill, keep it away from other dogs. As a precautionary measure it would be best to keep your dog away from cats as well. Voluntary quarantine for 5 - 7 days will prevent transmission of most causes of canine respiratory illness but dogs with H3N2 influenza should be isolated from other animals for 21 days. Your veterinarian can obtain the samples needed and submit them to a veterinary diagnositc laboratory to identify the cause of illness.