Vaccines and Therapeutics

Hector Aguilar-Carreno

Hector Aguilar-Carreno, PhD
Professor of Virology
Interactions between enveloped viruses and their host cells, with emphasis on emerging viruses

Avery August

Avery August, PhD
Professor of Immunology and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Immune cell activation and signaling in development, response to infection and respiratory inflammation

Dr. Margaret Bynoe

Margaret Bynoe, PhD
Professor of Immunology
The molecular basis of antigen induced immune suppression and the modulation of the innate immune system response in immunity against cancer; the role of adenosine in immune and central nervous system barrier regulation

Pamela Chang

Pamela Chang, PhD
Associate Professor of Immunology
Identification of metabolites produced by the gut microbiota that regulate the host immune system and the development of chemical tools to modulate the immune response

Theodore Clark

Theodore Clark, PhD
Professor of Immunology
Professor of Parasitology & Immunology
Vaccine Development; Mitochondrial Dynamics; Evolution of Antigen Presentation in teleost fish; Biology of the ciliated protozoa Tetrahymena and Ichthyophthirius

Deborah Fowell

Deborah Fowell, PhD
Department Chair, Professor
Regulation of immunity at tissues sites of infection and inflammation, immune imaging, intravital multiphoton microscopy

Brian Rudd

Brian Rudd, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor of Immunology
Developmental immunology; host response to infection

David Russell

David Russell, PhD
William Kaplan Professor of Infection Biology
The biology of intracellular infection, with emphasis on Mycobacteria

Luis Schang

Luis Schang, PhD
Professor of Virology at Baker Institute for Animal Health
Chemical virology to study viral entry, gene expression, epigenetics, replication, and pathogenesis while discovering new opportunities for antiviral development

Jeongmin Song

Jeongmin Song, PhD
Associate Professor of Bacterial Pathogenesis
Typhoid toxin, Salmonella Typhi, Bacterial AB toxins, Vaccines, Antibodies, Typhoid fever, Chronic/persistent infection

Brian VanderVen

Brian VanderVen, PhD
Associate Professor of Bacteriology
Physiology of the intracellular pathogen M. tuberculosis

Gary Whittaker

Gary Whittaker, PhD
Professor of Virology
Endocytosis of influenza virus, structure-function studies on influenza HA, entry of coronaviruses and arenaviruses into host cells, viral pathogenesis, viral-bacterial co-infections