Combined DVM/PhD Program

Michelle White, DVM, Ph.D.

Michelle White

Faculty Mentor:  Adam Boyko
Current Position: Head of Genomics, FidoCure

PhD, Biomedical & Biological Sciences, Cornell University, 2019
DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, 2014
BS, Biology, Harvard University

I am originally an Ohioan, but I spent the four years before Cornell in New York City as an internal consultant and retail analyst. Before that, I studied Biology at Harvard University. My research focus during my undergraduate training was on the population genetics of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in Dr. Daniel Hartl’s laboratory. I spent the year after graduation as a research assistant and lab manager of the Comparative Orthopedics Research Laboratory at The Ohio State University, and I was also able to spend time assisting at a small animal emergency clinic during that time.

My primary research interests involve genetics, including population genetics and behavioral genetics. I am also interested in conservation and nutrition. At the Veterinary School, I have become involved with the Pathology, Animal Welfare, and Behavior Clubs. I also serve as the Vet School’s representative to the Graduate and Professional Student Association.