PreVet Tracker FAQ

What is PreVet Tracker?

Cornell PreVet Tracker is a mobile iOS/Android app created for potential applicants to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree program at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The app provides the ability to record, track, update, and review veterinary-related experiences in one place.
Users and experiences are compiled in a database for consideration by the Cornell CVM Admissions Department during the application process.
Additionally, recent news from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine is available on the home screen by means of a horizontal scroll.

Who can use Prevet Tracker?

Although designed primarily for potential Cornell DVM applicants, PreVet tracker is available for anyone to use. The information collected in the app reflects details asked for in the VMCAS application.

Where can I find the PreVet Tracker app?

The PreVet Tracker app can be found in both the Apple/iOS App store, and the Google Play Store. Since PreVet Tracker is a mobile app, use your mobile device to download it.

How much does the PreVet Tracker app cost?

The Prevet Tracker app is free

How do I use this app if I don’t have a Google, Instagram or Facebook login?

For security and confidentiality reasons, one of these authentication methods must be used to log into the PreVet Mobile app. Please follow one of the links below to create an account. Google Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook are free.

How will my experience information be used? By whom?

Your experience information is not used in any way by Cornell or the Admissions Office.  This information is for you alone.  Should you want to discuss your experiences with the Director of Admissions it can be accessed by her prior to the discussion if helpful.  You may also be prompted to update your experiences on occasion if there has been a lull of activity for a period of time.  Otherwise, the details you type in are your information alone.

If I used old version app, can I get my experiences transferred into the new app?

Yes. After registering and signing into the new app, send an email to with the subject line: transfer my data. Also, please note any changes to login information (i.e. different email address, name change, etc.). Data will be transferred to the new app in a timely manner.

How do I add an ‘Animal’ or ‘Veterinary’ experience to the app?

To add an ‘Animal’ or ‘Veterinary’ experience, click the ‘Create +’ center button of the lower toolbar featured throughout the app.
In the ‘ADD NEW EXPERIENCE’ screen, begin by selecting the top ‘Category’, and moving through the various details of the experience.
Required details are marked by an asterisk *(Category, Type, Organization Name, City, State, Start Date, & End Date), and must be populated to record the experience.
After filling out required information, scroll down to the ‘Save’ button to record your experience.
Another way to add experiences is from within the ‘Veterinary’ and ‘Animal’ experience summary pages. These summary pages are accessed using their buttons to the left and right of the center ‘Create +’ button, on the bottom toolbar, throughout the app. The red ‘+’ circle in the bottom right corner of these summary pages redirects the user to the ‘ADD NEW EXPERIENCE’ screen.

How do I edit my profile?

Profile editing is performed via the far right ‘Settings’ button on the toolbar, present throughout the app. Within the ‘Settings’ screen, choose the top, white ‘Edit profile’ button. Review the current profile information, add/remove/edit as necessary and touch the ‘Update Profile’ button below the information on the right. Exit this screen by choosing any of the other buttons on the toolbar. To confirm changes, re-enter the ‘Settings’ page and select ‘Edit Profile’ again to view your updated information