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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine

Join a community of curious, collaborative students. Study with world-renowned faculty. Dive into a unique curriculum rich with student-led, hands-on learning. From dairy barns to dog shows, Cornell has real-world experiences to expand your horizons and help you achieve the career of your dreams.

Djion, Class of 2023"I chose Cornell because of the beautifully designed curriculum. Problem based learning helps us develop our clinical problem solving from our first year!"

Djion, Class of 2023

Trust the Process

Alayzha Turner-Rodgers, D.V.M. '24, shares her experience working on clinical rotation with Cornell’s cardiology service.

Tailored to the Student

Sara Childs-Sanford, D.V.M. '99, section chief of wildlife medicine, talks about the student experience at Cornell’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital.

Hery Class of 2024

"Cornell offers the opportunity to choose elective courses based on your interests. That means you can take business, behavior, conservation, and even fish classes."

Hery, Class of 2024

Thirst for Knowledge

Daniel Lopez, D.V.M. ’12, assistant clinical professor of small animal surgery, discusses how Cornell’s curriculum helps students become well-rounded, practice-ready veterinarians.

A Team Sport

Christel-Remy Kuck, D.V.M. '24, talks about collaborative culture and supportive faculty mentors.

Martina, Class of 2023"What I've enjoyed most about this veterinary program is learning from and becoming colleagues with the multitude of amazing faculty members I've had the privilege of meeting."

Martina, Class of 2023

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