Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services Showcase

The Educational Support Services group is a team of 14 lead by Dr. Jodi Korich, Associate Dean for Education, focused on producing and facilitating educational experiences grounded in educational theory that help prepare individuals to improve the health and well-being of animals and people worldwide. We strive to strengthen the relationship between teachers and learners, and foster creative collaborations.

We have enjoyed meeting many of our graduates as they return for reunion, and wanted to take the opportunity to share some of our exciting work with you as part of your virtual reunion experience. We hope the projects highlighted here provide a glimpse into what resources are being developed and used today. We hope you will notice that for each project a committed faculty member has invested much time and energy to the creation of these modules. The technology changes, but that commitment from our faculty has not changed since you graduated.

Our first highlighted project is our ongoing work with the Dentistry service. We are creating a 5 course certificate program in Dentistry Practical Skills that will be available for students as well as CE for Veterinarians throughout the world. In the short video clip below our Medical Illustrator Allison Buck describes some of the visual assets developed for that project.

In 2017, we updated the Wiswall Lab to accommodate a class size of 120 and to provide greater flexibility for instructors to divide students into different sized lab groups. The adoption of digital slides for much of the histology instruction allowed us to relocate the microscopes to the Bilinsky Lab. This removed the design limitations imposed by students working in pairs at a microscope. Craig Riecke demonstrates our brand new application Open Slide that allows faculty to share digital slide images and bookmark areas of importance for their students.

Dr. Lena DeTar from the Shelter Medicine program approached the ESS team for help transforming an Outbreak simulation exercise developed to be run in-person to a virtual game. In the video below, Dr. DeTar comments on the project and the game plays out to give an idea of the student experience.

These projects represent some of our most recent efforts. Our portfolio page has additional information on the SynDaver Surgical Training Modules, Equine Carpus Blended learning, and Dentistry Practical Skills Course.