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Grant Recipients

2018 Grant Recipients

Nerve cell

Interactive Animation to Teach Immunology in Foundation Course IV

Dr. Julia Felippe, Dr. Cynthia Leifer, Dr. Brian Rudd, Dr. Ted Clark


Flipping the Clinical Skills Lab

Dr. Carolyn McDaniel, Pati Kirch, Dr. Daniel J. Fletcher


Improving Knowledge Integration and Clinical Application in SA-ECC Medicine

Dr. Rob Goggs, Dr. Julie Menard, Dr. Gretchen Schoeffler

Drawing of cancer cells in a dogs body

Interactive Clinical Case Management of Common Cancers Diagnosed in Canine and Feline Patients

Dr. Cheryl Balkman, Dr. Ashleigh Newman

Drawing of a dog's face

Outbreak!! A Case-Based Interactive Scenario

Dr. Lena DeTar

Ezra's Dairy Map

Salmonella Dublin in a Dairy Herd: An online case study to promote learner-centered epidemiology training among MPH and DVM Students

Dr. Kevin Cummings, Dr. Sabine Mann

Beagle walking

The Gait is Abnormal, But How and What Does it Mean?

Dr. Emma Davies, Dr. Kei Hayashi

Drawing of a dog's profile

Advanced Online ECC Cases for Deliberate Clinical Practice

Dr. Julie Menard, Dr. Gretchen Schoeffler, Dr. Rob Goggs

Anatomical drawing of a kidney

Kidney Structure, Function, Dysfunction and Treatment

Dr. Kelly Lyboldt

Surgical Pearl

Surgical Pearls: Improving understanding of surgical techniques commonly employed in small animal general practice

Dr. Julia Sumner

Membrane Potentials

Animations: Principles of Membrane Excitability and Action Potential Propagation

Dr. Kelly Lyboldt, Dr. Linda Nowak

Outline of a horse

Development of Instructional Videos on Large Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia

Dr. Jordyn Boesch, Lynette Degouff

Imagine Slide

Can we incorporate digital whole slide imaging into an e-learning module?

Dr. Rodman Getchell

Food Map Icon

Food System Mapping to Understand Health Outcomes

Kathryn Fiorella, Rebecca Nelson, Audrey Baker