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Free symposium registration for Cornell faculty

The first Joint Symposium of the Primary Care Veterinary Educators and the Veterinary Educator Collaborative will be held here at Cornell University from June 22-24, 2018. The conference theme is Laying the Building Blocks for a Lifetime of Clinical Excellence.”

The program will stimulate discussion of a topic that is central to our work as veterinary educators: helping students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow a smooth transition from their role as pre-clinical and clinical students to that of practitioner. The symposium will foster an environment in which participants can showcase their work and exchange ideas, and will be structured to encourage formal and informal discussions among veterinary educators with similar interests. Keynote speakers will address approaches to assessing clinical reasoning and the use of learning analytics to improve student learning.

Registration is through the website. To receive the free registration, Cornell faculty should register for the conference through the website, indicate that that they are at Cornell, and check the last box that says “Complimentary Registration.”

Nearly 100 proposals were submitted to the program in a variety of formats, and veterinary educators from around the world are planning to attend. We hope faculty from our college not only attend, but participate as presenters and engage with colleagues.

Please join us as we roll out the Big Red carpet and welcome our peers to our college and Ithaca.

More information about the conference may be found at their website. Please direct any questions to Dr. Kathy Edmondson at

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