Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists




We feel very lucky to have put Cici under the care of Dr. Hurcombe and the team at Cornell Ruffian. She went through two colic surgeries. It was a remarkable experience to see medical care at its absolute best....It was clear Cici was in the hands of a team who were not only highly knowledgeable, but also kind and compassionate with the horses in their care. ...I felt that we had made the right decision bringing Cici to Cornell Ruffian. We will support this team with whatever they need.

--Marissa and Emma Wesely


We were told by other veterinarians that Remi was just a sensitive horse. Why weren’t there more answers? We needed to know. Cornell Ruffian was our last hope when Remi was colicking once a month. When I Googled “equine colic specialists” and emailed Dr. Sam Hurcombe, it was a no brainer. We drove 16 hours to Cornell Ruffian... They were there whenever we needed them, day or night--that meant the most to us.

Dr. Norm Ducharme was able to solve Remi’s breathing problem and Remi is doing well. We are so grateful.

--Christy Breed


One day at the barn I discovered and enlarging lump on my horse’s inner hind leg. We took him to Cornell Ruffian. Dr. Hurcombe diagnosed him with a sarcoid which he surgically removed, which allowed Kodak and I to compete at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. He was kind enough to show me around the facility at Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists. When I go to college I want to study to become an equine veterinarian just like Dr. Hurcombe.

--Nicole DiSunno and daughter Tessa Kohr


Our 20-year old Toshana is “my trouble child.” With numerous bouts of colic and chronic Lyme disease, I was unsure about a surgery for her. Dr. Hurcombe educated me about the specific surgery Toshana would have and calmed my worries. Everyone at Cornell Ruffian was incredible. I trust Dr. Hurcombe implicitly. He has even face-timed with my primary veterinarians Drs. Nick Tallarico and Cathe Montesano to provide a continuity of care I had not thought possible.

Toshana is a totally happy horse now and I tell everyone I can not to be afraid of surgery. I’ve even started riding her in lower level dressage.



Sonny had the best care from Ruffian. When the decision was made to go there, our trucker, Patrick was in contact with an estimated time of arrival. The team met him at the entrance, Sonny was quickly diagnosed and Dr. Hurcombe was on the phone to me with a plan. Since everything was so timely Sonny was not stressed and he had a quick surgery and successful recovery. I received text messages, phone calls and pictures of Sonny from the staff at Ruffian, but the best was a visit to see Sonny after surgery and know that he was doing well.

I am comforted knowing this quality of care is offered at Cornell Ruffian. We are so grateful for the personalized and professional care that we both received.

--Barbara Borg