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Cornell Ruffian Soft Tissue Surgery


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The Soft Tissue Surgery Service consists of experienced board-certified equine surgeons that perform a wide variety of elective and emergency procedures.  Our surgeons examine each patient in detail to accurately determine if surgery is necessary and to determine the best procedure based on your horse's condition.  After surgery, a thorough rehabilitation plan is developed to help optimize healing and return to function.  Emergency surgical patients such as those suffering colic or requiring caesarian section recover in our Intensive Care Unit where they receive around the-clock monitoring, therapy, and pain management. 

A partial list of the soft tissue surgical procedures performed includes:

  • Respiratory tract surgery (standing tie back, tie forward, arytenoidectomy, laryngeal reinnervation, nasal septum removal, alar fold resection, sinus flap or trephination)
  • Laser surgery (ventriculocordectomy, epiglottic entrapment, aryepiglottic fold resection, staphylectomy, ethmoid hematoma ablation)
  • Laparoscopy (cryptorchidectomy, ovariectomy, nephrosplenic space ablation, epiploic foramen ablation) 
  • Simple and complex wound repair
  • Reconstructive surgery (wound grafting)
  • Mass removal, biopsy
  • Suspensory fasciotomy (+- neurectomy)
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Urinary tract surgery (nephrectomy, standing cystolith removal, urethral extension)

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