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AAWA's New Standards for Transport During COVID-19: On 09/22/2020, the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA) shared their amendment to the Companion Animal Transport Best Practice that provides guidance for organizations willing and able to continue this lifesaving activity during the pandemic.  

ASPCA's COVID-19 Animal Relocation Preparedness Guide: The recommendations provided in this guidance document seek to highlight the numerous issues that should be considered by animal welfare organizations in their planning for resumption of relocation programs.

Maine’s COVID-19 TRANSPORT PROTOCOL: This document from ME is a good example of a Transport Protocols: The Maine Federation of Humane Societies, in conjunction with the HSUS, developed these protocols for transport, which can serve as a guide when organizations/communities are ready to safely resume transport programs. Review the protocols >> 

Resources provided during the June 4th webinar, “COVID-19: Transport During a Pandemic”, hosted by Best Friends: