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Gimme Shelter: Support Shelter Medicine 

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Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell: Because Every Animal Counts

Any animal lover who has visited a shelter knows how heartbreaking it is to see so many loving creatures in need of true, “forever” homes. It is estimated that between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats now enter US shelters every year, inundating facilities, stressing budgets, and overwhelming staff. Some animals arrive debilitated by injury, poor nutrition, or disease.  They all need and deserve high quality veterinary care. But shelter life causes additional physiological and emotional duress, leaving these animals even more susceptible to illness, and delaying the ultimate goal: adoption.

Recognizing the complex challenges of overcrowded shelters and the growing need for qualified veterinarians equipped with a unique set of skills, Cornell was the first veterinary college in the country to offer a shelter animal medicine course. Today, the Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell is a leader in the field. We provide the best and most comprehensive training anywhere for veterinarians interested in this specialization. The program teaches current and future veterinarians to treat and prevent disease; provides high quality care to sick, injured, and abused animals; consults on population health and protocols, including diagnostic assistance in instances of disease outbreaks; helps reduce pet overpopulation and euthanasia through spay/neuter programs; and improves animal health through education of new and existing pet owners.

Effective shelter medicine is of critical importance to the lives and health of millions of animals. Your support of the Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell will ensure our ability to save the lives of animals that share and enhance our lives. Thank you!

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