Excerpts from Dr. Hornbuckle’s Retirement Letter, 2013

My professional career within the Department of Clinical Sciences at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has been a path of memorable collaborations.  Looking back, my Cornell experience began in the summer of 1977 when the late Robert W. Kirk persuaded me to join the Internal Medicine staff in the Small Animal Clinic.  My subsequent teaching and service activities were overseen by Professor Kirk and Department Chair Alexander deLahunta and my research activities were mentored by Professor Bud C. Tennant. 

During my thirty five years as a member of the faculty, there were several changes in the College’s Deans and Department Chairs.  Regardless of the change in leadership, the support given to me by the respective Dean and/or Chair at the time was generous and often more than I expected.  Professor Tennant was no less supportive of my increasing involvement in teaching and clinical service. His appointment of Dr. Christine A. Bellezza (Cornell ‘88), a protocol specialist and general surgeon, allowed me to play a part in the establishment of a primary care service in the CUHA.

As Section leader of CPS, I considered myself as a facilitator of clinical training or a proponent of service learning.  As such, giving ownership of a primary care service to third and fourth year veterinary students renewed my feeling of purpose in the College.  My proudest moments were spent observing the interactions of ‘rookies and veterans’ during a morning or afternoon of CPS appointments.   All this was made possible because of the overall support given by faculty, house officers, technicians, and support staff throughout the College. 

I am particularly beholden to my colleagues on the Internal Medicine Service who made my transition from an internist to a primary care consultant possible, to the faculty and residents on the Dermatology Service who were seemingly always available for consultation, and to my dedicated staff of veterinarians, technicians, and work study students on the Community Practice Service.