Individual Recognition


NOTE: William E. Hornbuckle extends his apology, for his limited memory, in inadvertently omitting any other individuals who participated in CPS activities between 1987 and 2013.

College Deans:

Donald F. Smith 1997

Michael I. Kotlikoff 2007

Lorin D. Warnick 2016

Facilities Manager at the College:

Wayne Davenport

Robert W. Kirk Funded Practitioners:

W. James Brown ’86 (Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Amherst, NY)

Ryanne Englar ‘08

Ada Guzman ‘00

Dennis Leon ‘01

Rachel Meyer ‘01

Michelle Moyal ‘05

Thomas Munschauer ’79 (Middlebury Animal Hospital, Vermont)

Robin Solomon ‘94

Elizabeth Wilcox ‘05

CPS technicians + 150 work study students since 1987:

Charla Barnard  

Deborah “Deb” Watrous

Susan M. Long, RN, LVT

Joanne “Joby” Cowulich

Margaret “Maggie” Schnellinger

Paul Ebner

Michelle “Mitch” Whittaker

Amy Childress

Michelle Bezanella

Jennifer VanAlstein

Jill Egglehoff

Rose Galia

Heide Newton

Emily Tomak

Jennifer Sinceno

Tammy Snyder

Sue Brown

Susan Garrison

Significant DVM Interactions with CPS students, 1987-2013:

Alternative Medicine Appointments – short term

Leslie Appel’94, ACVS – Surgery III, Shelter Outreach Service

Behavior Service – Katherine A. Houpt and trainees

Christine A. Bellezza ‘88

Nichole Birnbaum

Dwight Bowman – Parasitology Rounds & Southside Community Center

Eric Christensen ‘99

Brian G. Collins ’94, ABVP                                                                                        

Communication Rounds – Jane Shaw, college counselor Paul V. Soper & others?  

Kevin Cummings ‘96

Todd Deppe

Dermatology Service- Professors Danny Scott & Bill Miller & residents

Exotic Pets Appointments – prior to formal establishment of same

H. Jay Harvey, ACVS – CPS Surgery Service

Jodi Korich ‘94

David Lee ‘94

Justine Lee ‘97

Andi Looney ’89 – Anesthesiology & Foundations Courses

 Kathy MacLeod

Jennifer Matlow ‘00

Paul S. Maza

Carolyn McDaniel

Nutrition - Francis A. Kallfelz ’62, Arleigh Reynolds ’86 & Joseph J. Wakshlag ‘98

Jennifer Rawlinson ‘98

James R. Richards – Director FHC 1997-2007

John Saidla, Block VII Course leader, Dentistry

Frederic W.Scott ’62 – established FHC 1974

Jane Shaw

Laura Shepard ‘’02

Shelter Medicine:  Jan Scarlett, Elizabeth Berliner ’03, & Residents

Theriogenology Service – Faculty & residents