Karla Stucker, DVM, Ph.D.

Karla Stucker

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Colin Parrish
Current Position: Science Teacher, Waterford School & Part-time Veterinarian Mountain Vale Clinic, Salt Lake Veterinary Services

Brief Biography
Originally raised in the foothills of the Adirondacks with her parents and two younger sisters, she had been living among Ithaca's gorges for the past 10 years. Fortunately she enjoyed her time at Cornell, and in Ithaca, and greatly appreciated the year-round opportunities the area offered for getting outdoors. Her two dogs loved to accompany her on the trails when she hiked, skied, or ran. Much of her indoor time over the years has been spent at Cornell working towards her undergraduate, then veterinary and graduate, degrees. Obtaining her degrees certainly kept her busy, but allowed for a broad education that provided a solid foundation for her plans to pursue a career in academic research and teaching.

PhD, Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University, 2010
DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, 2008
BS, Biological Sciences, May 2002 from Cornell University

Publications & Presentations
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