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New surgeon added to the CUHA team

The Cornell University Hospital for Animals is pleased to welcome Dr. Kei Hayashi to its team of veterinary orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Kei HayashiAn expert in joint pathology and the application of regenerative medicine in orthopedic conditions, he is particularly interested in sports medicine for small animals; advanced arthroscopy; total replacement of knees, hips, and elbows; fracture management; and training the next generation of veterinarians.

“As a surgeon, I can help only as many pets as the hours will allow one person,” said Hayashi, whose interest in surgery was piqued after having two surgeries himself. “Preparing others to do similar work ensures that many other animals can be healed. An animal’s job is to run, jump, and play. When orthopedic conditions hinder these activities, we need well-trained veterinarians to make their lives better. I am excited to be a part of this process.”

Sharing with current veterinary students the knowledge that he and other researchers have uncovered to date is only part of his mission at Cornell. Hayashi is also a committed investigator.

“Many animals have conditions that impair the ability of joints to function as they should,” said Hayashi. “While we can successfully treat many of these conditions, we continue to look for causes, treatments, and innovative prevention strategies that will successfully respond to other painful joint and bone conditions.”

Hayashi graduated from the University of Tokyo with bachelor, veterinary, and doctorate degrees and obtained master and doctorate degrees at the University of Wisconsin. He completed small animal surgery residency at the University of Wisconsin and became a board-certified specialist in small animal surgery. He served as an assistant professor of small animal orthopedic surgery at Michigan State University and as an assistant and associate professor of small animal surgery at the University of California Davis prior to coming to Cornell. He serves as a member of advisory board of the Asian Board of Veterinary Specialties, the Asian Society of Veterinary Surgery, and the Japanese College of Veterinary Surgeons. Hayashi has published more than 50 scientific articles in the area of orthopedic research. His research focus is in pathology of ligament and tendon injury and wound healing, evaluation of total joint replacement systems, molecular profiling of osteoarthritis, and comparative orthopedics and sports medicine.

A Green Bay Packer fan, Hayashi credits his time playing American football and studying the arts with helping to develop his hand-eye coordination and ability to remain calm under pressure, necessary skills for any surgeon. When he’s not in the operating room or teaching students, Hayashi enjoys walking with his dog.

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