Testing underway

Cornell is currently working with the Connecticut Public Health Veterinarian to diagnose several cases of acute pancreatitis and diarrhea in cats that have appeared in a feline-only clinic in Connecticut.

CatAt this point, all indications suggest that the incidents are isolated and unrelated, although additional testing for infectious agents is being done out of an abundance of caution.

In the interim, prudence dictates that feline cases of acute gastroenteritis with signs of abdominal pain be managed in such a way as to minimize the potential for transmission of infectious agents, to include isolation of affected individuals, careful hand washing between examination of patients, and disinfection of surfaces and potential fomites with which affected cats come into contact. We reiterate that there is, at present, no definitive evidence that these cases represent an infectious outbreak, and we look forward to bringing you updated information regarding these cases once results are in.