Healthy older cats sought for study to understand common feline disorders

Cornell Veterinary Biobank and Cornell Feline Health Center are pleased to announce a collaborative study to collect samples from a population of healthy cats that can act as controls for scientists studying a variety of common disorders of the feline population. 

catThe Biobank provides clinicians and scientists with the fundamental components of genetic investigation: the DNA and medical information that accurately defines inherited diseases in patients. Investigators relate the genetic information present in the DNA to the medical information to find the underlying contributing, protective or causative genes. Researchers then use the information to develop better diagnostic methods (such as genetic tests), treatments and new drugs. The Cornell Feline Health Center is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of cats everywhere through education, research, and outreach.

Eligible cats for this study need to be 10 years of age or older and have been recently deemed in good health following an examination by a veterinarian.  All pure breed and domestic short and long hair cats are eligible.

Over the course of one or two days, each cat will undergo the following (at no charge to the owner):

  • A general physical examination with a clinician on the Medical Genetics Service
  • Blood sample drawn after fasting to gather medically useful information including complete blood count, chemistry panel, Factor XII/coagulation testing, and DNA collection for the Biobank
  • A urinalysis (preferably on a fresh first morning voided urine sample obtained at home)
  • An examination by the Oncology service, including searching for body lumps that might indicate cancer
  • A full orthopedic examination
  • A full ophthalmology examination
  • A complete oral/facial examination by the Dentistry service
  • Select cases may also have a Cardiology consultation including an echocardiogram (requiring minor fur trimming)

If you own or know of a cat that you feel qualifies for this screening process, please contact Dr. Marta Castelhano or Dr Liz Wilcox at: