College supports local carousel project

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University (CVM) is dedicated in part to the wellbeing of large animals. So when the college leadership learned of a horse in need of rehabilitation, they stepped forward to help. The result: A gorgeous Paint—or rather, painted—pony, now making the rounds as part of the iconic Stewart Park carousel.

Friends of Stewart Park (FSP) and the City of Ithaca are working to revitalize the beautiful lakefront park. One of the projects was to repaint all of the carousel horses, which hadn’t been done for 30 years. FSP approached the college for support last spring, and CVM agreed to sponsor one of the horses. The donation enabled local artist Cristi Sobel to hand-paint a handsome palomino, with a bright red saddle as homage to Cornell’s signature color.

“The college is part of the Ithaca community, and Stewart Park is a local treasure,” said Interim Dean Lorin Warnick. “We are happy to make this contribution to help preserve a much-loved attraction.”

Vet Carousel
(L-R) Veterinary students Elizabeth Alexander, Megan Wheatley, and Alyssa Cornelius take the college’s carousel horse for a spin