Veterinary Emergency Group awards full tuition scholarship to two CVM students

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) announced this year’s recipients of the VEG Scholarship: Ashley Newman and Yvette Huizar of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Class of 2021.

In 2019, the annual VEG Scholarship was founded to give incoming veterinarians the opportunity to graduate with less financial burden. The only scholarship of its kind, VEG typically awards one scholarship to a lucky fourth-year veterinary student in the United States, in addition to offering a full-time role as an emergency veterinarian post-graduation. The scholarship covers their entire fourth year’s tuition, regardless of whether it is in-state or out-of-state.

Student debt is the greatest burden for many young veterinarians and VEG wanted to give back to the veterinary industry. This year, in light of the pandemic bringing many students financial struggles, VEG decided to choose an additional scholarship recipient to begin their career as emergency veterinarians.

Ashley Newman, a fourth-year student at CVM, embodies VEG’s value of family and togetherness. Her love and support for family extends far beyond her own and it becomes evident when she works with pets and their families. She shares this value with her new family at VEG. Yvette Huizar, also a fourth-year veterinary student at CVM, represents the VEG value of openness and inclusivity. She co-founded Latinx Veterinary Medical Association to help Latinx individuals who are aspiring veterinarians connect with the right resources to succeed in the field.

Founded in 2014, Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) is an organization founded on a single mission: helping people and their pets when they need it most. VEG's rapidly growing group of hospitals has revolutionized pet emergency and urgent care with a client-centered approach, rapid response times, and highly focused emergency-only staff.

This article originally appeared as a VEG press release