Meet the new CUHA residents

Each summer, as part of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's residency program, the Cornell University Hospital for Animals welcomes a new group of outstanding veterinarians to serve as hospital residents across many of our services. These residents will be developing the highest level of clinical proficiency in their chosen specialties, allowing them to meet board requirements while also gaining experience in professional veterinary medical education and in teaching. Referring veterinarians and clients will get a chance to interface with many of these new faces throughout the year. 

Bradley Back

Dr. Bradley Back

Resident, Theriogenology 

Cheyenne Cannarozzo

Dr. Cheyenne Cannarozzo

Resident, Anesthesiology 

Chris Champion

Dr. Chris Champion

Resident, Anatomic Pathology 

Kelly Chen

Dr. Kelly Chen

Resident, Anesthesiology 

Colin Chik

 Dr. Colin Chik

Resident, Small Animal Surgery

Jayleen Harris

 Dr. Jayleen Harris

Resident, Imaging

Katharine Kierski

Dr. Katharine Kierski

Resident, Small Animal Surgery

Erin Klingensmith

Dr. Erin Klingersmith

Resident, Large Animal Medicine

Elizabeth Lavin

Dr. Elizabeth Lavin

Resident, CARE Lab Animal Medicine

Hanna Lewis

Dr. Hannah Lewis

Resident, Imaging

Megan Lin

Dr. Megan Lin

Resident, Neurology

Danica Lucyshyn

Dr. Danica Lucyshyn

Resident, Ophthalmology

Maggie Marcinczyk

 Dr. Maggie Marcinczyk

Resident, Anatomic Pathology

Kelly O'Connor

 Dr. Kelly O'Connor

Resident, Medical Oncology

Garett Pearson

Dr. Garett Pearson

Resident, Large Animal Surgery

Cortney Pelzek

Dr. Cortney Pelzek

Resident, Cardiology

Kelly Riper

Dr. Kelly Riper

Resident, Small Animal Medicine

Jamie Selman

Dr. Jamie Selman

Resident, Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care

Sakaya Shiomitsu

Dr. Sayaka Shiomitsu

Resident, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

carmen smith

 Dr. Carmen Smith

Resident, Anatomic Pathology

Xizi Cece Zhu

 Dr. Xizi “Cece” Zhu

Resident, Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care