The Pet Buzz: Stephanie Coco discusses veterinary social work

Stephanie Coco, veterinary social worker, joined The Pet Buzz radio show for their Nov. 11 episode, "Senior Pet Adoption and the Role of a Veterinary Social Worker." In the episode, Coco sheds more light on the profession and her role at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, where she joined the team this summer. She covers a brief history of veterinary social work, how this role functions within an animal hospital, the way she interfaces with clients and the support she provides to faculty and staff.

The Pet Buzz is hosted by Charlotte Reed and Dr. Michael Fleck. The show interviews veterinarians, pet industry specialists, celebrities, politicians and other notable figures.

Listen to the full podcast episode online here.

"The role of a veterinary social worker (VSW) is to tend to the human needs that arise within the field of veterinary medicine," said Coco in a recent Q&A with the College of Veterinary Medicine. "While the animal’s physical health needs are being addressed, there are psychosocial needs of pet owners and the veterinary medical team which a social worker can support. The VSW honors the human-animal bond by communicating with and supporting pet owners on matters related to serious illness, quality of life, decision-making, goals of care, euthanasia, grief and bereavement."