Cornell Veterinary Podcast: The Birds and the Bees at Big Red

Following on the heels of its Nov. 1 debut episode, the Cornell Veterinary Podcast has released its next episode, entitled, “The Birds and the Bees at Big Red.”

This installment features Dr. Paula Cohen, professor of genetics at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, associate vice provost for life sciences at Cornell and director of the Center for Reproductive Genomics. Cohen’s work in human reproduction and contraception builds on the rich legacy of reproductive research at Cornell.

Host Michelle Moyal, D.V.M. ’07, takes a deep dive into Cohen’s childhood and career journey — from growing up in West Africa, to navigating the male-dominated STEM fields, to unraveling such tricky questions as why humans are bad at meiosis and how to make the perfect male contraceptive.

“We will never have equality in this world until we can have equity in all of the responsibilities, whether it's family planning, careers, child rearing, you name it,’” Cohen tells Moyal. “And so this is just, to me, one additional aspect of equity between men and women.”

The episode is available wherever you get your podcasts, as well the individual show page here, and below: