Cornell Veterinary Podcast: The weird and wonderful world of wildlife health

The Cornell Veterinary Podcast has released its third episode, "The Weird and Wonderful World of Wildlife Health."

This installment features Dr. Krysten Schuler, wildlife disease ecologist and assistant research professor in the Department of Public and Ecosystem Health at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Schuler works to conserve free-ranging species for current and future generations use and enjoyment, involving a multi-disciplinary approach of risk analysis, field studies, human dimensions and laboratory experiments. 

Podcast host Michelle Moyal, D.V.M. ’07, chats with Schuler about her journey back and forth across the country as she trained in wildlife ecology.

"I've always loved animals, and I guess ... with wildlife, I like the idea that they are owned by everybody and by nobody all at the same time," Schuler says in the episode. "And that there needed to be somebody out there advocating for those species and their needs and what we as humans should be doing to help their populations."

Hear more about Schuler's work--like tracking lead poisoning in bald eagles, parasites in moose, chronic wasting disease in deer--and more.

The episode is available wherever you get your podcasts, as well the individual show page here, and below: