College hosts fifth annual Spay Day for community cats

Soft meows and gentle purrs were the soundtrack to the fifth annual Spay Day at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Feb. 17. Not only does Spay Day provide spay/neuter services for 50 cats belonging to members of the community, but it also creates a hands-on clinical opportunity for veterinary students.

A group of nine third-year students organized and directed the event, and 40 additional students were operational volunteers. First-year students served in clinic support roles, like pack cleaning and holding the cats during exams. Second-years assisted in recovery, administering vaccines and microchips. Third-year students performed preoperative exams and worked with the licensed veterinary technicians to safely induce anesthesia, prepare cats for surgery, monitor their status and more. Fourth-years performed all of the spay/neuter surgeries. All students acted under the supervision of Cornell veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians.

This event is made possible through generous contributions by the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, as well as support from AKC Reunite, Hill’s, Purina and Zoetis. 

The nine organizers of the Spay Day 2024
The nine organizers of Spay Day 2024. All are D.V.M. Class of 2025. From left to right, top row: Isaiah Moten, Amanda Hartman, Sandra Pinto, Maryna Mullerman, Savannah Martin, Kayla Schum. From left to right, bottom row: Jennifer Jeong, Amber Davis, Gloria Ge.