Cornell Veterinary Podcast: Artificial Intelligence in veterinary medicine

“A lot of people think that AI is going to replace humans. And … I don't see that happening at all. ... AI can help you work more efficiently and work smarter. But it's not going to replace the kind of comprehensive skills that a veterinarian has.”

In the latest episode of the Cornell Veterinary Podcast Dr. Parminder Basran, associate research professor of medical oncology in the Department of Clinical Sciences, shares these thoughts on artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine — including how it’s used today, where it could go in the future, and how he hopes to spur meaningful discussions and collaborations at the upcoming Symposium on AI in Veterinary Medicine.

From 'The Terminator' to ChatGPT, host Michelle Moyal, D.V.M. ’07, and Basran get into what it AI is and isn’t, and what it can do for veterinarians.

Listen to the full conversation in the latest episode of the podcast, "Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine: A Brave New World," wherever you get your podcasts or below: